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Multiple IE versions on your computer

I have a need for multiple IE versions because we develop websites that are both used in IE6 and IE7. So I need to be able to have both IE6 and IE7 so I can see both browsers on how they behave and be able to edit and develop websites rapidly or as needed.

One caution: Dont settle for standalone IE7 and have IE6 as your default IE browser. Standalone IE7 is buggy, at least in my experience and other developers have also shared my sentiments.

What works: If you have IE6 or lower, upgrade to IE7 and install multiple IE versions that are lower (IE6,IE 5.5, etc). This way IE7 would be your default IE browser and if you need to test in IE6 or lower, then you can just fire it up on your start menu.

No guarantees: Although I have used this set-up for 8 months now, your situation might be different. I use a Windows xp pc, have 2gb of ram and 160gb hard drive. So dont assume that it will work as intended but most people on the net are more than
willing to help you. Just learn to ask, it's tha…

Strike A Pose

#Addendum# Jan 14, 2007
I have edited this post as when the new blogger came out, the previous code did not work - head on to the updated blog at Blogger Buzz

Well, I just found a better way to embed those photos from picasa, an additional fullscreen feature and a cleaner look (well, just a little) on the User interface menu.

Here's the link where you can get your own code too. Be wary of steps no. 5, which is posting to your blog directly, didn't work for me. After step #4, go straight to step #6 where you get the code, paste this into your webpage.

Wonder Island

I just found a way to embed photos in my blog through my google acount using my picasa photos. I know, I know, this is not something new for you, but it is for me :)

Below are shots of Wonder Island in Batangas, Philippines. I think this is wayback 2003 when I was still with De La Salle University in one of our summer outings. How to do this? read below.

Picasa itself gives you the ability to embed your album's slideshow in any webpage;

read it here:

One important thing,if you logged in to your picassa account & didn't see the "embed slideshow" link on the left panel of your album page, you have to go to settings & change your language to "English (US)". Then revisit your album page and you can see the "embed slideshow" link.

And yes, it works on WordPress. Cheers!

Panoramic shots

A collection of panoramic shots when I started doing them in 2003 where I was bitten by the panoramic style and made it available on the web through quicktime, java applets and lately flash VR. I was using an Epson 300Z by then, using a simple tripod and using a variety of stitchers but was using apples quicktime applications (freewares) to stitch photos and photoshop for the final output.

See a larger preview at picasa, panoramas are meant to be shown in a large scale, not in a 4oopx wide flash album.

Its so CleVR

CleVR is a web application to turn your photos into a Flash 360 degree panoramic view or otherwise known as Virtual Reality (VR). It uses Adobe Air, formerly known as Apollo in its beta. Since I've had panoramic photos in my pc, I tried uploading one, a view from the facade of the main building of the oldest University in Asia - The royal and pontifical University of Santo Tomas. And it was easy, really! and you can add hotspots (links to other panorama) within the panorama itself.

You can stitch photos online in this application but I'd rather stitch offline so I can still tweak it in Photoshop. This is a good application, not to mention free. And it works!

There's a button on the panorama page to email it to a friend. Or you could add it to your blog or website or click one of the little links at the bottom of the page to add it to Facebook etc. You need to intall Adobe Air in your computer to take advamtage of these services and register so you can upload your panoramas. …

XRAY for web developers

XRAY is a tool ( a bookmarklet actually) which behaves like the web developer toolbar by Chris Pederick. But the tool is basic and the web developer toolbar have more features than this, but hey it's free, so I wont complain. Besides sometimes it's not about the tools but how you use that tool. Case in point, you may have the latest Dreamweaver or Photoshop but who among us can honestly say we know each and every feature of this piece of (wonderful) software?

That's why its good to interact with other developers/designers, because you can always learn from anyone, regardless if they are a newbie or an expert. People have different approach, in anything they do, that what makes us unique, that what makes our experience different from everybody else. And that makes learning variable.

CSS Tab Designer

CSS Tab Designer is a unique and easy to use software to help you design css-based lists and tabs visually and without any programming knowledge required!

I've been using this tool to create menus and navigation. But as the designer, you should not be contented by what it produces, you should be able to customize it to your own needs. Not that the output is bad, it's good actually. But it's rare that a menu output from this freeware will suit your project from the very start, you will need customization and you'll need basic CSS knowledge to do that.

Ah yes, it also produces the images that it needs to create those good looking menus, so you wont have to do it manually. You will just need a good image editor to tweak those images to your liking. Go ahead and download it, it's free and you get to practice your CSS skills on customizing your menus.

You can also navigate around it's originating website for more resources other than the CSS tab designer, there are oth…

Is God in the Internet?

This is inspired by Max Lucado's book "Grace for the moment". This might well be a spritual insight on the state of the World wide web. or I just maybe nuts :) , you decide.

God's blessing are dispensed according to the riches of his grace, not according to the depth of our faith.

Why is that important to know? So you wont get cynical. Look around you. Arent there more unvalidated html pages than validated ones? Arent there more unusable websites than usable sites? Arent there more inaccessible websites than accessible sites? How can information be maximized if they are not accessible? Isn't information useless when they are not accessible? This is a simple fact, but why are most web developers dont have enough iniatiative to have this problem solved?

So what do we do? Throw up our hands in disgust and walk away? Tell the World Wide Web we cant help them?

No. We dont give up. We look up. We look up to Christ and the W3C to formulate standards that could make data…

Are you reading this?

If you're a web designer/developer , you should know these sites. If you dont, here's your chance to be a better designer developer in just one or two clicks

I've just read their articles today and boy, these guys are not just in the know, they are visionaries, and well experienced to boot, read about them and make yourself more experienced = more expensive, hahaha.

below is just one paragraph that made me ponder it for this day alone, enough said.


a derivation of a technique used by Photoshop guru Jeff Schewe in his website. Photo is from a friend -

Intelligent and lazy

An interesting part of the book "Living the 80/20 Way: Work Less, Worry Less, Succeed More, Enjoy More"

German military chief General von Manstein said:

“There are only four types of officers.

First, there are the lazy, stupid ones. Leave them alone, they do no harm.

Second, there are the hard-working intelligent ones. They make excellent staff officers, ensuring that every detail is properly considered.

Third, there are the hard-working, stupid ones. These people are a menace, and must be fired at once. They create irrelevant work for everybody.

Finally, there are the intelligent lazy ones. They are suited for the highest office.”

Cultivate lazy intelligence. Do you lack smarts or lack laziness?

If you think you’re not so smart — and to think this, you have to be quite intelligent after all — work on your knowledge and expertise in a very narrow area, where extraordinary results are available for modest effort.

If you are smart,…


I have not find time to blog lately because I really wanted to focus on my new job as a User Interface designer, I know I have to learn things fast and that was both fun and time -consuming, not that I complain. And so this artwork was just a product of me missing my time to produce artwork from photoshop as I usually use photoshop to create web-ready graphics.

The title "uninspired" is because I just wanted to create an artwork for no particular reason (yeah thats what artist do!) and I just picked up anything in photoshop to create this. The photo I used is from my friend , a great photographer and artist as well ( he recently won an adobe contest, worldwide, my friends!)

And I wanted to have this thing go daily if time permits, just push myself and produce artworks which is usually, if not always, a self-expression (at that particular point of time).

Usability - Visibility Check

Vischeck is a way of showing you what things look like to someone who is color blind. I have downloaded Visibility Check or VisCheck as a useful plugin for Photoshop. It lets you see how your design looks from the eyes of other kind of users- specifically the color blind ones. And you should know that there are different kinds of color blindness. For this reason the design output of VisCheck is also different, that is according to types of color blindness

You can try Vischeck online- either run Vischeck on your own image files or run Vischeck on a web page. You can also download programs to let you run it on your own computer.

What is it good for?Roughly 1 in 20 people have some sort of color vision deficiency. The world looks different to these people: they often find it hard to tell red and green things apart. This often means that they sometimes can't see things that 'color normal' people can see (examples). Many pictures, documents and web pages are hard for col…

Create More with Less

Have you heard of the 80/20 principle? probably yes, but can you explain it and provide concrete examples? Ok, maybe not, at least for me. So I read this book - Living the 80/20 Way: Work Less, Worry Less, Succeed More, Enjoy More by Richard Koch

Here's a teaser/ excerpts from the book which could get you excited. The book is full of examples. citing real-life stories to prove the principle of 80/20

Chapter 1: What’s the Big Idea?

Life today divides into the fast track or the slow track. Both are less agreeable than the broad track of yesteryear. For many the slow track means economic insecurity: low earnings, low social standing, anxiety about unemployment, and missing out on the increasing material delights enjoyed by those on the fast track. But the fast track is not without its hazards. For many it means a single-minded obsession with getting ahead, total commitment to the job at the expense of personal relationships, and a frenzied lifestyle where work takes precedence over ever…

Web based FTP

Is it an oxymoron? isn't doing an ftp an always web-based activity? Well yes and no. doing an ftp requires internet connection, so that is the YES. NO because some firewalls block the ports which allows you to do ftp. So what is the solution?

You've guessed it - web based ftp like the services of net2ftp. Web-based means that net2ftp runs on a web server, and that you use a browser (for example Internet Explorer or Mozilla). FTP is the communication method to access files on a remote computer. You need it to access your files on the account given by your provider to host your homepage. FTP is different from HTTP in that it was made specially to transfer (big) files. If a transfer is interrupted, with FTP you can resume it where it broke off, whereas with HTTP you can not.

Oh yes, there are other alternative site like Surftp, just google it to find other sites. Personally I have only used net2ftp and it works for me, unless it doesn't do what it's supposed to do then I th…

Domain Name dilemmas

What's in a name? sometimes none, sometimes it's everything. So, have got your own domain? If you have a unique name, chances are you can wait until you are ready to make your own site before buying your own domain name. But if you have a very common name, buy it now or check it from WHOIS if it is still available.

I recently bought my own domain name - - and redirected it to my blog as I still have not finished my own site. Ironic? Yes, but not unusual as most of my friends who does web design hasn't finished their own. Maybe because most designers are perfectionist and we dont want something unpolished in our own site.

But this kind of thinking is not productive. So I am promising myself that I will finish my site in a month's time. I'll be having Smart Bro wifi installed at home by next week so I dont have to rely on starbucks, seattle's best and netopia for my surfing needs. Ah yes, I'll need testimonials from my satisfied clients to boost…

Great Photography

Just launched a new site for my photographer friend -

No, do not visit the site because I promoted it, visit it only if you want to see great photography. This guy is a genius when it comes to composition. and again dont take my word for it, visit his site.

There are many categories to choose from if you want to see his work, ranging from landscape, landscape with figures, fashion, still life, people, home interiors , wildlife, digital art and digital paintings and foodshots which has not yet been included yet.

His specialty is wedding photography. He has done so many "who's who" in wedding photography. and the guy says he's a graphic artist first before he is a photographer. You can see the proof by checking out his wedding album layouts.

The design of the site, like most photographers want is based on flash galleries. I used freeware flash gallery by - Simpleviewer andAutoviewer. the colors are mostly neutral, to make …

Blog Parteeh ‘07

I believe this is a first blog party here in the Philippines. And I'm sure I dont want to miss this out!

The Blog Parteeh! 2007 is the largest blogger meet-up ever organized by bloggers for bloggers. The Steering Committee has worked so hard to organize this event and find sponsors. So, to make the process of joining the event more interesting and spicy with a bit of a buzz, scroll down and read how you can be part of this parteeh!

How to Get Invited

Since this event is for bloggers, we expect that you an active blog (you know what we mean by active). The program of the party was designed to revolve around your blog and fellow bloggers will get to check out your blogs before, during and after the event so be sure to get it all spiffy and updated.

I could rant and rant about it but you should go check out the website for more details, and oh, see ya!here's hoping you can go.