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Strike A Pose

#Addendum# Jan 14, 2007
I have edited this post as when the new blogger came out, the previous code did not work - head on to the updated blog at Blogger Buzz

Well, I just found a better way to embed those photos from picasa, an additional fullscreen feature and a cleaner look (well, just a little) on the User interface menu.

Here's the link where you can get your own code too. Be wary of steps no. 5, which is posting to your blog directly, didn't work for me. After step #4, go straight to step #6 where you get the code, paste this into your webpage.

Wonder Island

I just found a way to embed photos in my blog through my google acount using my picasa photos. I know, I know, this is not something new for you, but it is for me :)

Below are shots of Wonder Island in Batangas, Philippines. I think this is wayback 2003 when I was still with De La Salle University in one of our summer outings. How to do this? read below.

Picasa itself gives you the ability to embed your album's slideshow in any webpage;

read it here:

One important thing,if you logged in to your picassa account & didn't see the "embed slideshow" link on the left panel of your album page, you have to go to settings & change your language to "English (US)". Then revisit your album page and you can see the "embed slideshow" link.

And yes, it works on WordPress. Cheers!

Panoramic shots

A collection of panoramic shots when I started doing them in 2003 where I was bitten by the panoramic style and made it available on the web through quicktime, java applets and lately flash VR. I was using an Epson 300Z by then, using a simple tripod and using a variety of stitchers but was using apples quicktime applications (freewares) to stitch photos and photoshop for the final output.

See a larger preview at picasa, panoramas are meant to be shown in a large scale, not in a 4oopx wide flash album.