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Focus stacking (landscape or real estate) Photography

These are my personal approach in shooting landscape or real estate ,with emphasis in focus stacking

Focus stacking (landscape or real estate) Photography
- a quick, intermediate to advanced guide
Camera Shoot in raw mode (no discussions here) :)


- manual focus- shoot -0 to .7 meters (depending on the lens), might be .3 on other lens- shoot 1.5 m- shoot 3.5 m- shoot infinity

f8 -  f11 for real estatef16 - f22 (i would go for f16)

ISO 100 (always on a tripod for these stacking projects)

Shutter Speed (would depend on the situation, sometimes AV mode would suffice for these situations)
Post Processing
- Process all images in Lightroom or Photoshop Camera raw- sync settings- export as TIFF (lossless compression, psd is ok too)- in photoshop (open all images) and use File>Scripts> Load files into stack- tick the box that says Automatically align layers- Lets combine the focus now, select all layers- Use Edit > Auto Blend layers, select Stack Images- Export as TIFF or PS…