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Whohooooo! Pacquiao is the (pac) Man!

Rematch. Revenge. How sweet it is!

If you have been living in the cave and you dont know yet, Manny Pacquiao KO'd Eric Morales in the Jan 21, 2006 fight and we Filipinos can't get enough of our boxing icon and national treasure.

This is my tribute to Manny Pacquiao, free wallpapers. The first one is a Photomosaic, hundreds of photos make up a larger image of Manny

click on picture to download the wallpaper (or right click and save as)470kb

click on picture to download the 8x10 inch poster(or right click and save as)2mb

The second one is a Watercolor version of Manny Pacquiao and colors of Philippine flag behind him

click on picture to download (or right click and save as)324kb

Bookmark the site as I will add some more next week

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a business that often involves activities and results whose effectiveness can’t easily be quantified and measured. Yet, in today’s economy, every client must look for ways to economize.

A graphic designers job is to design art and layouts for visual presentations. They use a variety of print, electronic and film media to meet their clients' needs. Most use computer software to generate new images.

Job duties include designing promotional displays and marketing brochures for products and services, developing distinctive logos for products and businesses, and creating visual designs for annual reports and other corporate literature. Additionally, graphic designers may develop the overall layout and design of magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports and other publications.

Graphic design is often associated with images. Billboards and magazine ads show us that designers can speak volumes without using the written word. And yet, graphic design is not just abo…

Web Design Contract Essentials Checklist

Here's a quick list to use as a checklist against your existing contract:

1. Scope of Work and Scope Creep
Manage scope creep by specifying exactly what is and is not included so you can charge for the additional work, if appropriate.

2. Client Amends and Revisions
Be sure to specify the number of design comps you'll present and to limit the number of revisions you'll allow, or be faced with changes ad infinitum.

3. Dealing With Client Delays
Waiting for a client to provide content can be one of the most frustrating parts of any project. Be sure your contract addresses the issue of what will happen if the client delays, for any reason.

4. Who Owns the Website You've Built?
Whether or not to transfer copyright to the client is probably the most controversial subject among Web professionals. Whatever you decide, be sure you understand how the copyright laws work in the country in which you're doing business.

5. Legal Boilerplate Clauses
Boilerplate clauses such as Limitation o…

Internet users quick to judge

By Judy Skatssoon for Science Online

Internet users can take just one-twentieth of a second to decide whether they like the look of a website, researchers say.

Dr Gitte Lindgaard and colleagues from Carleton University in Ottawa flashed up websites for 50 milliseconds and asked participants to rate them for visual appeal.

When they repeated the exercise after a longer viewing period, the participants' ratings were consistent.

"Visual appeal can be assessed within 50 milliseconds, suggesting that web designers have about 50 milliseconds to make a good impression," the Canadians report in the journal Behaviour & Information Technology.

Associate Professor of psychology Bill von Hippel, from the University of New South Wales, says it takes about 50 milliseconds to read one word, making this a "stunningly remarkable" timeframe in which to process the complex stimuli on a website.

"It's quite remarkable that people do it that fast and that it holds up in the…