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Its so CleVR

CleVR is a web application to turn your photos into a Flash 360 degree panoramic view or otherwise known as Virtual Reality (VR). It uses Adobe Air, formerly known as Apollo in its beta. Since I've had panoramic photos in my pc, I tried uploading one, a view from the facade of the main building of the oldest University in Asia - The royal and pontifical University of Santo Tomas. And it was easy, really! and you can add hotspots (links to other panorama) within the panorama itself.

You can stitch photos online in this application but I'd rather stitch offline so I can still tweak it in Photoshop. This is a good application, not to mention free. And it works!

There's a button on the panorama page to email it to a friend. Or you could add it to your blog or website or click one of the little links at the bottom of the page to add it to Facebook etc. You need to intall Adobe Air in your computer to take advamtage of these services and register so you can upload your panoramas. …

XRAY for web developers

XRAY is a tool ( a bookmarklet actually) which behaves like the web developer toolbar by Chris Pederick. But the tool is basic and the web developer toolbar have more features than this, but hey it's free, so I wont complain. Besides sometimes it's not about the tools but how you use that tool. Case in point, you may have the latest Dreamweaver or Photoshop but who among us can honestly say we know each and every feature of this piece of (wonderful) software?

That's why its good to interact with other developers/designers, because you can always learn from anyone, regardless if they are a newbie or an expert. People have different approach, in anything they do, that what makes us unique, that what makes our experience different from everybody else. And that makes learning variable.

CSS Tab Designer

CSS Tab Designer is a unique and easy to use software to help you design css-based lists and tabs visually and without any programming knowledge required!

I've been using this tool to create menus and navigation. But as the designer, you should not be contented by what it produces, you should be able to customize it to your own needs. Not that the output is bad, it's good actually. But it's rare that a menu output from this freeware will suit your project from the very start, you will need customization and you'll need basic CSS knowledge to do that.

Ah yes, it also produces the images that it needs to create those good looking menus, so you wont have to do it manually. You will just need a good image editor to tweak those images to your liking. Go ahead and download it, it's free and you get to practice your CSS skills on customizing your menus.

You can also navigate around it's originating website for more resources other than the CSS tab designer, there are oth…

Is God in the Internet?

This is inspired by Max Lucado's book "Grace for the moment". This might well be a spritual insight on the state of the World wide web. or I just maybe nuts :) , you decide.

God's blessing are dispensed according to the riches of his grace, not according to the depth of our faith.

Why is that important to know? So you wont get cynical. Look around you. Arent there more unvalidated html pages than validated ones? Arent there more unusable websites than usable sites? Arent there more inaccessible websites than accessible sites? How can information be maximized if they are not accessible? Isn't information useless when they are not accessible? This is a simple fact, but why are most web developers dont have enough iniatiative to have this problem solved?

So what do we do? Throw up our hands in disgust and walk away? Tell the World Wide Web we cant help them?

No. We dont give up. We look up. We look up to Christ and the W3C to formulate standards that could make data…