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World Usability Day 2009

You are invited! I will be speaking on Usability at University of Santo Tomas at Nov 12, 2009
Design/Sustain: World Usability Day 2009 in ManilaDesign/Sustain is a half-day series of talks from experts from the academe and industry in the Philippines that focuses on initiatives on usability and sustainability. The event aims to highlight activities that hope contribute for the improvement of Philippine society on climate change, academic reasearch, and practical services centered on usability and sustainability.Event Program: 2:00pm: Opening2:10pm: Welcome Remarks & Introduction to World Usability Day - Anne Michelle Santos2:25pm: Illac Diaz of Designer Village Challenge - "Designing Houses for Climate Change"2:55pm: Short Q&A3:00pm: Rey Mendoza of ShutterFox - "Affordable Usability Testing"3:30pm: Short Q&A3:35pm: Dr. Rosemary Seva of DLSU - "Usability & Sustainability"4:05pm: Panel Q&A 4:30pm: Raffle4:45pm: Closing Remarks - Regnard R…

Panoramic view of Arch of the Century, UST

Panorama on a budget

How to make a simple panorama with a regular digital camera

Finding the nodal point of your lens

It's hard enough to find the nodal point of your lens thru just reading about it, here's a video tutorial

Penafrancia Resort Panorama

Panorama of Penafrancia Resort on

History of Penafrancia Resort

It was inaugurated September 1970 during the Fiesta of Our Lady of Penafrancia. Construction of the Main House and 2 pools started May of 1970. The initial intention of the owner was to have a summer home for their family in Naga. Their family eventually moved out of their home in Garcia St. in Naga City to live in Carolina.

Carolina is situated about 12 kilometers from the Naga City Business District (CBD). During the 70's it would take a 45-minute drive to get to the Resort from the City. Today it is a short 15 minute drive to the CBD. The Naga National Airport is also just 20 minutes away. This is located in the Provincial Capitol Town of Pili, CamSur. The World famous CWC WATER SPORT CENTER is 5 minutes away from the Airport.

During the 70's, the Resort started out as a swimming destination. With its fresh water spring from the mountains, the place became a popular destination to families in Naga. Caroli…

Kerzon's Art

I thought Kerzon, my eldest son, did not have the skill for drawing, as all his drawing projects was done by her sister Keziah. He just hated drawing for the simple fact that his siblings draws better than him.

Then came this youtube tutorial , discovered by keziah, where you just follow the video when it draws cartoon characters (or anything for that matter) This was Kerzon's output. I was just amazed, both for the drawing and what youtube can do! This is certainly a different generation, the resources are there online, you just have to find it.

Funeral Walk



Young enough to enjoy just making bubbles

Enzo Manuel


Lakeview Suites at Tagaytay

Lakeview Suites at Tagaytay, all units are for sale (residential). This is a thing of beauty, I would have bought a unit on a whim If I can afford the Php10 million on the spot :)

Lipa Cathedral

Top of Lipa cathedral

50 year old calculator

a 50 year old claculator, mainly used by banks a long time ago, brand is burroughs and is very, very sturdy.

Pineapple Plantation

Tagaytay is a place where you can find many plantations for pineapples. My friend and buddy photography enthusiast John Zuno told me he had this favorite spot and we both took turns in shooting it. That house in the hill was pretty amazing, and we were lucky that there was some farmers working on it and included one in my shot

Penafrancia Resort at Naga City

Here's one of my latest web projects. one of the pioneering resorts at Naga City in Bicol.They have been in the resort business since 1970.

Virtual Tours are available if you want to see the facilities first, in 360 degrees! and they already had their first booking because of the website. Come and view the city too, coz they have pages dedicated in promoting Naga.

Have you ever been to Bicol? Have you seen the Majestic Mayon Volcano? Have you visited the Virgin of our Lady of Penafrancia? Or the CWC Watersport Center in Pili?

Why not plan a trip this summer with your family and friends and enjoy the beauty of Bicol. By land trip, you can take the aircon buses at the Araneta Center.

Or take a 9 hour drive with your car. Better yet bring along with you a group. Manila to Naga is about 9 hours. This can be broken down to 3 legs.

* Ist leg is from Manila to Lucena City about 3 1/2 hours drive
* 2nd leg Lucena to Calauag about 2 1/2 hours drive
* 3rd leg Cala…

Glenn and Meg Rosales

One of my favorite shot on the pre-nuptial shoot of my client/friend Glenn and Meg Rosales, see full album at Picasa

Paco Catholic School Panorama

panorama of my alma mater. Paco Catholic School at Paco Manila, taken on December 2008