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World Usability Day

We are organizing an event (together with UP) regarding usability. It’s a worldwide event created to help everyone know more about the ways to help create a better user experience. The date is Nov 3 but the Manila leg would do it on Nov 10 (at UP) and Nov 11 here at La Salle 2:30-5pm at Gokongwei Bldg, Intellect Seminar Room.

We originally targeted a small audience (about 20 – 30) but Dr Caslon Chua of College of Computer Science (CCS) will be fielding in 2 sets of class so we accommodated it. Another set of Class from Jazmin Chong of Industrial Engineering (IE) will also be attending. Webmasters from the Department of Health and a speaker from UP will be there.

For World Usability Day in Manila, we offer basic usability training for students that covers applications and usability testing.

The event is targeted for graduating students who would be working as software/web developers in the near future.

It aims to give students an idea and increase awareness about the importance of usabili…

Dont Meet Your Heroes

This site is a compilation of CSS and Web Standards related news feeds from sources around the net. This is a pretty good compilation because these pages are the best resources for CSS and web Standards. A visit to this page may mean being stucked to it for a long time, especially if you are a web designer, there is just so much information here.

Go ahead make your day a CSS and Web Standards related one. And dont forget to bookmark this one, this will be a feather in your cap

Portable Firefox for USB drive

Portable Firefox 1.0.7 your browser, your way... in
your pocket

Portable Firefox allows you to carry your whole web
browser along with all your bookmarks and extensions
with you on an iPod, USB thumbdrive, portable hard
drive or any other portable media. You can plug it
right into any Windows computer and use it just like
you would on your own. It is a repackaged version of
the popular Mozilla Firefox browser designed with
portability in mind, so it has all the same great
features of Firefox, but there's nothing to install.

...And there is also a portable Open Office. Check it
out at John Haller's site

Good Habits and Good Payoffs

Examples Of High Lifetime Payoff Habits
from: Living the 80/20 Way: Work Less, Worry Less, Succeed More, Enjoy More by Richard Koch

Habit:    Daily exercise
Payoff:  Much better health, more attractive body, feeling great

Habit:    Daily intellectual exercise
Payoff:  Keep alert, increase intelligence, enjoy thinking

Habit:    Doing one altruistic act a day
Payoff: Makes you happy

Habit:    Meditating or quiet thinking each day
Payoff:  Clear mental clutter, make better decisions

Habit:    Daily nurturing of your lover
Payoff:  Keep him or her; make them happy

Habit:    Always give praise or thanks where possible
Payoff:  Makes other person and you feel good

Habit:    Save and invest 10 percent of income
Payoff:  A future free of money worries

Habit:    Being generous to friends
Payoff:  Deepen relationship, feel good

Habit:    Always having 2-3 hours of pure relaxation every day
Payoff:  Renew your energy, keep happy and healthy

Habit:    Never lying
Payoff:  Evokes trust, enhances r…