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Never Let Anyone Know How Hard You Work

I've had this book for a couple of months, together with his other book "the Rules of Wealth".
It is a good read, each rule explained in a page or two, easy to digest.

I'm sharing one of the rules in hoping you may want to read the book in the near future.
Rule 13: Never Let Anyone Know How Hard You Work

Look at someone like Richard Branson. He’s always seen as playing, flying balloons, living on a converted barge, flying to the States. You never see him sitting at a desk, answering phones, doing paperwork. But at some time during his work- ing day that is exactly what he must do. We just don’t get to see it. Thus we think of him as the business playboy, the happy-go-lucky entrepreneur, the devilish entertainer. It’s a neat image and one that he seems very happy to go along with—and why not?

This is the sort of image the intrepid Rules Player wants to cultivate—suave, easy, relaxed, languid, in control, and very chilled. You never run, never panic, never even seem to h…

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