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Penafrancia Resort Panorama

Panorama of Penafrancia Resort on

History of Penafrancia Resort

It was inaugurated September 1970 during the Fiesta of Our Lady of Penafrancia. Construction of the Main House and 2 pools started May of 1970. The initial intention of the owner was to have a summer home for their family in Naga. Their family eventually moved out of their home in Garcia St. in Naga City to live in Carolina.

Carolina is situated about 12 kilometers from the Naga City Business District (CBD). During the 70's it would take a 45-minute drive to get to the Resort from the City. Today it is a short 15 minute drive to the CBD. The Naga National Airport is also just 20 minutes away. This is located in the Provincial Capitol Town of Pili, CamSur. The World famous CWC WATER SPORT CENTER is 5 minutes away from the Airport.

During the 70's, the Resort started out as a swimming destination. With its fresh water spring from the mountains, the place became a popular destination to families in Naga. Caroli…