Mac Lab Policies and a general guide on learning on my class

Lyceans MMA students!

Here are your guidelines on using the Macintosh Laboratory (Mac lab)

  1. Alphabetical seating arrangement of students on each computer unit
  2. You are responsible for your unit, check the unit before and after you leave the class
  3. Make sure there are no missing parts, before and after (monitor, mouse, keyboard, adapter)
  4. If indeed there are missing parts, report it to the teacher, before or after the class ends, otherwise you will be required to pay for the missing parts.
  5. Turn off the computer before you leave the class.
  6. No borrowing of computer peripherals to use in other computer units. 
  7. You are not allowed to install any software on any units
  8. Facebook is not allowed at anytime of the class
  9. Those who are caught using Facebook or any banned social media, will have a 0 (zero) grade for that day (seat work, quiz, etc)
  10. Any form of social media is not allowed, except for web design class where social media plugins are used. 
  11. No online games is allowed. 
  12. No eating inside the Mac Lab, when breached, this will also merit 0 (zero) grade for that day
  13. An hour late for a 4 hour laboratory subject is considered absent.
  14. JEP (Just English Please) is enforced during discussions
  15. You will need a USB flash drive to back-up your personal files
  16. Playing music is allowed if you have your own headset, only during laboratory work

Expected behavior during class

  1. The general rule is be respectful, not only to the teacher but also to your classmates
  2. During lecture, no one is allowed to talk
    • first offense - verbal reprimand
    • second offense - will be asked to leave the class
    • third offense - will be sent to the guidance office
  3. In most cases , you need to turn off the computer monitor during lectures
  4. When late/tardy , sit first at the back and wait for the teacher to let you sit in your designated unit as not to disrupt the class
  5. If you are late/tardy, you might have been marked absent, check with your teacher before the class ends or on your break.
  6. You have 15 minute-breaks, don't be late in coming back at the class
  7. You are required to blog every meeting. Finish your blog-posts within the laboratory hours
  8. In most cases , you need to turn off the computer monitor during lectures
  9. You can ask questions anytime.
  10. You don't need permission to go to the bathroom, just go


  1. Guideline 12 will get me flunked!

  2. I thought you were a student hahaha yes you cant possibly go to my 4 hour class hahaha you will get thin!

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