Are you a Professional Web Designer/ Developer? Prove it!

This is a question that even the best web designers out there may not be able to answer. Why? Because a professional is a member of a registered professional body which has a code of ethics, and stringent conduct requirements - they can be debarred from practicing. Do we have that here? NO. Not even in other countries.

But that should not deter us from creating one and discuss the things that should be done. Molly Holzschlag has discussed this in her website and is a heated topic still. In the Philippines, the situation is the same. But when do we act? if not now, when? If not you, who?

Many professional organizations publish policy and ethics documents relating to how they as individuals treat their clients, each other, how they manage fees, and the kind of treatment their professionalism deserves in kind.

In an effort to mobilize the Web community as professionals, and what it means to be a Web professional, a code of ethics for our profession should arise out of a common group. We owe it to ourselves, each other, our clients, and the profession’s integrity and sustainability at large to begin a time of new professionalism for ourselves.

Would you like to discuss it now?


  1. Where's your proof? Where are your web works?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Well, the discussion is about creating a group that can regulate (presumably) the web design field at least here in the Philippines, not about my works. I just wanted to know from fellow web designers out there.

    But if you must ask, is one of the projects I spearheaded.


  4. I don't see your name on the credits


  5. Good day Mr. Mendoza, or may I call you just Rey? A little off topic here, Am I correct to say that is the first academic website in the Philippines to be developed with w3c validation in mind? Great to see a Philippine site working hard for validation. :)

    @erwin quita, may I see your portfolio as well? and please don't ask for mine - I shamefully don't have one yet.

  6. Audeienceone, yes DLSU was redesigned with web standards in my mind because of its benefits specially in the long term. Accessibility was also in consideration, and persons with disabilities can use it as well

    Erwin, what's with the credit stuff? There is a lot information in the DLSU website specially the Information Technology Center. Call them up and ask.

  7. audienceone,
    as requested...

    Sir Rey,
    No offense, just wanted to see your personal web works.

  8. I have my doubts in giving too much emphasis on being a member of professional organizations when comparing web designers.

    Just as I have doubts that certifications should be such a big deal to web developers.

    IMHO, they are all bonus points but should not be a requirement.

    Now, if we are talking about regulating the web design field, then it becomes even more complicated. Web design is all about creativity. Setting up a group to regulate this might be construed as restrictive and limiting, and would definitely cause conflict.

    Yes, the idea sounds promising but I believe that it will be too hard to implement.

    @erwin: Yes, Rey was our webmaster at DLSU. Unfortunately, he has since moved on to another company.

  9. "@erwin: Yes, Rey was our webmaster at DLSU. Unfortunately, he has since moved on to another company."

    and so has Ryan! ha!ha!ha!

    I see your point, but just as doctors and lawyers need to pass a board exam so that a certain level of professionalism is maintained, I think we should start trekking the long road for this.

    The web, compared tp traditional professions is relatively new, but is also the fastest profession in terms of progression. I read in an article that the technology progression we had in the last 30 or so yrs has exceeded the technology progression in the last 2000 yrs.

    I just think we should start, this is the proession we have chosen and we should protect ourselves in the same time elevate the standards.

    Better to aim for the moon and hit the mountain than to aim for the mountain and hit the rock


  10. Erwin, No prob, Ijust want to discuss the subject at hand. Do you have any experience to share regarding web design clients and nightmares? :)


  11. A Pro Web Designers only way to prove his or her skills

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