Take advantage of your 1 GB (or more) of RAM

How do I take advantage of my 1 GB (or more) of RAM?

One of the ways to speed up Photoshop so you're taking better advantage of all your RAM is to enable a plug-in called Bigger Tiles. To do this, quit Photoshop CS2, and then find the ~Bigger Tiles file inside the Photoshop CS2 application folder (Photo-shop CS2>Plug-Ins>Adobe Photoshop Only>Extensions>Bigger Tiles). Rename the file, removing the tilde (~) from the file name, and then restart Photoshop.

Photoshop CS2 states (in its system requirements) that it can run on 256 memory but is really very slow even on 512mb. I do have 1gb of memory and I'm not even satisfied with the speed of it's performance. Good to have this tips at our side :)


  1. unclebear5:20 PM

    Is this only for CS2? How about CS and 7.0?

  2. This is for CS 2 only, bro, coz they have support for 3GB of memory if you have the money for it


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