2D animation basics

I recently spoke at St Scholastica on the basics of 2D animation. I have created a page where you can read a bit of information about 2D animation here - http://reymendoza.blogspot.com/p/2d-animation.html

For the most part I really like the stop motion animation process - it gives you enough creativity using photographs. But maybe im a bit biased because Im a photographer :). A student asked me, wouldnt it be easier if I just export the footages to jpg images - frame by frame? No, it is not the same. You cannot achieve the "magic" of animation where the next frame is a different photo. Kinda hard to explain in words but believe me, its just not the same. And the quality of a single photo is hard to match if you export a jpg from a movie footage - (not unless you have a very expensive movie camera like that can shoot 4K film)

I'm looking to do more animation this year. and most probably a short film. My client needs it for his project. Im looking forward to it.

Below is one of my favorite stop-motion animations - the Western Spaghetti


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