Just say NO! to Speculative work

I've posted this in my email group but not on my blog. This is a very important foundation for a creative professional. Read on.

The NO!SPEC campaign: Serves as a vehicle to unite those who support the notion that spec work devalues the potential of design and ultimately does a disservice to the client.

Our mission: To educate the public about speculative, or 'spec' work.

Our target: Those who use creative services, as well as creative professionals (designers, photographers, illustrators, writers and those in marketing, branding and advertising).

What you can do:

1) Place a "NO!SPEC" logo on your site.

2) Sign the NO!SPEC petition.

3) Distribute the "NO!SPEC" posters.

4) Contact us with your thoughts, comments, articles and insights.

Requirements: The only requirement for participation is putting the appropriate value on your profession.

Head on to their website. It is an interesting read, I promise


  1. Sorry, I'm kinda slow today. This does not mean showing your portfolio and past work, right? I mean, this only refers to projects were they ask you to make a "prototype" first before signing you up. Did I understand that correctly?

  2. Yup, no to "prototypes". If they want proof of concept, they should pay for it. For some people, just a promise of getting paid is enough but that's where the problem starts and eventually it is a lose-lose situation

  3. To clarify some of what the NO!SPEC campaign is all about I've created a post on 'Designers who Blog'


    Spec is not:
    Open Source
    Industry Awards Contests

    Spec is:
    Working on the SPECulation of getting something of value in return.

    The NO!SPEC campaign is not about:
    Taking the fun away from what we do.

    The NO!SPEC campaign is about:
    Educating designers so they can make educated choices.

    The NO!SPEC campaign is not about:
    Coming up with a lot of tight rules to stifle the client / designer relationship.

    The NO!SPEC campaign is about:
    Educating the public on ethical business practices.

    Still confused? Then please stroll through the roundup of the latest blog posts and articles at 'Designers who Blog'.


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