First day as blogger

My first day as blogger. All I can say is this will be a place for my thoughts as a graphic and web designer and everything that may contribute to good design. My journey as a designer started when I was a kid. I always wanted to design or draw. I may not be good at drawing (at least not as an illustrator) but I really want to design things.

Photoshop was my passport to web design. I got to be good at it and started dabbling on web design on my own. Of course today photoshop is just a tool to create web design but in those days (?) photoshop was half of the battle, so to speak. I was self taught but the web is really where the action is and the web alone can teach you anything you want, if you are really determined.

Let me end my first day as blogger by a quotation: "The great aim of education is not knoewledge but ACTION"


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